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Three poems from Rumor nominated for Pushcart Prize


Best Book Award in poetry category, NABE Fall 2015



A collection of poems that sheds light on the significance of relationships, digging deep into layers of emotions arising at random or as by- product of events.   Sometimes with a  cynical edge, written with a very vulnerable openness to behavior that is both cause and effect of love, pain, survival, acceptance and adaptation to life as it throws a poetic voice into the  unpredictable currents. 


"Lush, full-bodied zinfandel infused throughout with the terroir of her Armenian heritage. These poems are deeply colored with currant and cherry, rich with tobacco and licorice, meant to be rolled around the tongue, and exhaled with a peppery finish"  Phillip Larrea


"Her voice now takes us deeper into the shadows and hurt lockers of the heart and soul. A rawness calls out from these poems for an answer to the human condition.  Meaningful and rewarding for the reader who will swim in their waves." Brandon McCormack 

"Lyrical, sensuous and at times dreamlike she never lets you forget that although the world can be beautiful it can also be harsh. All of this wrapped up in the most beautiful language, a true poet for this modern life." Michael Corrigan 


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